Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soccer Disgrace

When I first heard about the US getting completely snookered, and not even getting an invite to the soccer competition for the upcoming Olympics, I was at a loss as to how we could solve this problem. But the disgrace of being shut out from a competition that most European countries qualified for is almost unbearable. I thought the smart folks were telling us that the USA needs to be more like the European Social(ist) Democracies, not less!

Perhaps we should turn to outcome based solutions, meaning that we simply declare that all countries should get to participate in the tournament. After all, that's only fair!

Perhaps we should take affirmative action! Demand lower standards for countries with less soccer tradition and opportunity!

But if the Supreme Court rules that Obama Care is constitutional, the problem can be easily solved! We will simply mandate that all schools must hire more soccer coaches and all students must enroll in soccer programs year round!  Soon we will join the world community and hold our heads up high.

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