Friday, July 14, 2017

Gizmodo tells us how to have a personal impact on climate change!

“The science tells us basically the future of a good life on planet Earth depends on reducing climate pollution by about 90 percent by 2050,” sustainability professor and study co-author Kimberly Nicholas told Gizmodo. “A lot of people recognize this and are ready to act, but most don’t know what to do.”

Let's look at their 'high impact personal choices" list:

1. Have one less child. This is especially a good choice in Germany, France, and England. You can reduce your impact and that of all your descendants, and no one else will move in and have lots of kids, right? Better yet, have no children at all. The ultimate virtue signal. Paul Ehrlich's predictions have been proven correct time after time! 

2. Live car free.  This is very politically correct, and makes you much easier to propagandize, herd and control. NYC residents know that the subways are so good that nobody needs a car. Any right thinking Californian knows that riding BART trains is much safer than driving your own car. You should also support huge bond issues to build more subways and light rail with union workers. Those self driving cars that use existing roads more efficiently are 100 years away, right? And rising real estate prices and rents benefit everyone equally, right?

3. Avoid one transatlantic flight.  This shows tremendous Euro-centric and racial bias. It should read "transcontinental" or "transoceanic". But, this is another great virtue signaling opportunity. It's best to just stay home and never travel anywhere. The green jet set crowd is an exception, since they travel in service to others, of course. Do what they say, not what they do.

4. Buy green energy.  This reduces demand for conventional energy sources and keeps prices down for others, so that allows them to use more energy, so that's good, right?  Solar panels on the home make perfect sense, especially in places where conventional electricity is expensive, like Europe and Hawaii, and all that nasty manufacturing is outside the US, which is a benefit, right? But using solar for transportation and industrial uses that require high energy density and dispatch-ability is not practical until someone invents a good storage system. 

5. Switch to an electric car. This one is a great virtue signal, but since the vast majority of electricity is generated by coal and natural gas, you are really not doing much. But those exotic metals and catalysts in the batteries will force someone to come up with a way to dispose of all that toxic waste 20 years out. So that's progress, right? Plus, 700+ new coal plants being built in China (as part of the Climate Agreement) might someday be able to sell you electricity to charge your battery, which will also improve China's balance of payments.

6. Eat a plant based diet.  This requires a bit of study to avoid protein deficiency and the resulting health problems, including confusion and difficulty in processing new information.  Thanks to 1. above, if you don't have any children, then they don't need any protein to thrive and develop, and the world is better off, right?   Plus the mental issues will make you a more politically correct citizen.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Private Home Ownership May Not Be Viable Because Climate

Western Sydney University Researcher Louise Crabtree, writing for The Conversation, thinks in a world torn by climate disasters ownership of private property may have to be sacrificed, to be replaced by a system of housing cooperatives or a roaming right to reside.....

I propose that California should lead the way, by opening all beach-side property with a new ownership and sharing model that creates just access to water. All previously private beaches should become open camps, with indigenous peoples and refuges given first priority. The first beachhead should be Malibu, using eminent domain and marshal law as required. Water to the people!

Ground Zero is pictured below:

Image result for barbra streisand malibu