Thursday, December 15, 2011

American Sovereignty?

The Obama Regime first wanted to treat terrorists like citizens, trying them in regular courts like criminals with all the civil rights they were not due for making war against the United States. Now Congress proposes treating American citizens like terrorists.

This is part of a disturbing trend to discount what being an American citizen means. Perhaps to set the globalization stage for ceding authority to the UN? After all, the UN has certainly done more good things for the world than America! Have you ever read the UN constitution? The only guiding principle is that the UN is supreme over all other authority, and at the UN the dictators all get a vote.

People who enter the country and work using stolen Social Security numbers should be given amnesty for identify theft and the right to vote and automatically registered without any ID?  Citizenship means nothing compared to getting these "unregistered Democrats" to the polls!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obama blames unemployment on the internet!

Obama says businesses are doing more with less thanks to the internet, and that why unemployment is so high!

This reveals either a high level of economic ignorance on his part or a belief that Americans as a whole are that ignorant. If this were true the automobile and the increased mobility and productivity it provided would have destroyed the American economy by reducing employment of farriers, bridle and whip makers, and feed store workers and left us unable to defend ourselves in WW2.

Increased productivity means increased wealth for all and increased employment, unless government screws it up with over regulation and/or misapplication of resources. The only segment that benefits from over-regulation is government workers, many of whom pay dues to Democrat controlled labor unions

There are many historical examples of governments trying to legislate prosperity in direct conflict with the most basic rules of economics.  At one point Australia made it illegal for traveling salespeople to drive themselves by requiring them to hire a driver instead. Employment would surely be increased! The actual effect was to increase the price of what they sold, so they sold less and in many cases could no longer make a living as traveling salespeople. 

But government ignorance sometimes even extends to basic laws of physics!  A bill was once introduced in the Arkansas legislature to "simplify calculations" by legally defining the constant pi to be 3.00 instead of its actual value!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A view to where America is going under progressive Democrat socialism

Corruption is systematic, political competition is less, and few are confidant that the police or courts can protect them. Does that sound familiar?

Russian communists have always been masters of propaganda and doublespeak, from Potemkin villages to grandiose and totally unrealistic 7 year plans, using twisted statistics to support the idea that progress is being made, and adverb filled platitudes to lull the people into thinking that things are okay.

Sounds like the Obama regimes's labor statistics and the so called 8.3% unemployment rate, which if you include all of the people so discouraged that they are no longer looking for work is closer to 16%.  Too many people want to accept the idea that government can somehow give you stability, permanence, or freedom from worry. Government cannot do that. Government cannot reduce the risk that is inherent in life on earth. It can move it around, and right now it is reducing risk for members of the ruling political class and those who pay them under the table, and thus increasing it for everyone else.

What government should do is reduce the corruption, not except and excuse it for friends of those in government.