Friday, February 3, 2012

Obama the Magic Christian

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the Los Angeles Times dubbed Barack Obama "The Magic Negro" (see ), a black man so wonderful that he is magic. His past positions and associations cannot be examined or criticized. He must be the collective recipient of massive white guilt, and formerly evil and intransigent dictatorships will change their policies simply because he exists.  He can unite us, and magically boost the economy. So we owe it to ourselves to vote for him.  The election part worked for him, and the unions, but the  economy and foreign relations stuff somehow never did work out for the rest of us.  

With apologies to the venerable old film, for 2012 Barack Obama is trying to become "The Magic Christian". He's got lots of (borrowed) money for "good people" who will vote for him. His policies are based in the bible, and those who oppose them are not only racist (2008) but not good Christians (2012). See

Besides the very selective adoption of only those Christian principles that can be distorted to align with his socialist and labor union agendas, the whole approach smacks of a "soft theocracy of liberalism" that holds that a policy is good because of its intent and religious arguments, not that it produces results. Of course, growing up in a primarily Muslim society, Obama may see theocracy as a good thing, as long as he is the anointed theocratic leader. And that's the real problem with both theocracy and liberalism - they don't produce good results!